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Enterprise Park Lanes | Pro Shop Staff


Kyndall Martin | Pro Shop Manager

Kyndall has worked for Enterprise Park Lanes for several years, although he's been bowling for his entire life. He's also worked the Front Desk, in the back, he's oiled the lanes, and worked as Pro Shop Assistant Manager before taking on his current role. Kyndall's favorite party of his job is giving bowling lessons, and he's got quite the record to do so. He bowled his first 300 game at age 15. Since then, he's bowled a total of 8 300 games and 4 800 series. Outside of work, Kyndall enjoys golf (yes, he's made a hole in one!), competitive bowling, Arkansas football, and playing with his dogs.


Keven Williams | Pro Shop Staff

Keven has been with our team for a few years and over all he's worked in the bowling industry for many more. Beyond that, he's bowled personally for 20! Keven has won 20+ bowling tournaments around the United States. He's gotten 32 300 games and 12 800 series. Keven has an impressive bowling record, which equips him to take part in coaching and helping our youth improve their game. It's his favorite part of his job! Outside of work, Keven enjoys writing music, playing basketball, and playing baseball.

Matthew Harper | Pro Shop Staff

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