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Everyone likes to party! Bowl, eat, relax, and enjoy yourself. Parents, we offer a comprehensive party package for those of you who want to sit back and take it easy during your kid's big day! Adults, we've created a package based upon popular requests to fit your wants. Whether it's a kid or adult party you're interested in, you also have the option reserve your lanes for the designated cost at the time of your party. No package required! You can bring in your own cake or cupcakes, and then choose from dozens of food options in the Back Alley Grill. You can bring in your own party decorations, or, choose one of our party packages and we will do the heavy lifting FOR YOU!      571 393-0230 5270      Some Adress 27      US

Kids Parties

At Enterprise Park Lanes, we offer the ultimate party experience.

If you are celebrating a birthday, we have fantastic package options which include food, drinks, and bowling! Alternatively you can create your own party by simply reserving your lanes at the desired time and pay the designated cost at that time.

Birthday Packages

Adult Parties

Adults like to party too!

We have special options for adult parties, offering a variety of food and beverage options

Adult Packages

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