Enterprise Park Lanes | Management Staff


Proprietor | Steve Wiemer | Contact

Along with his wife, Carla, and mother, Norma, Steve owns and operates both Enterprise Park Lanes and Sunshine Lanes. Steve’s favorite part about what he does is working with staff and new bowlers. Outside of work, Steve enjoys bicycle riding. In fact, if he could travel anywhere in the world, he would choose to go on a bike ride in Ireland. Steve’s favorite cartoon character is Underdog, and he enjoys splitting firewood. The Wiemer family are fantastic people to work with and for, and both centers are thankful for the contributions they’ve made to the bowling community. Next time you’re in one of our centers, be sure to say hello!

Manager | Chris Taylor | Contact

Chris, or CT, has worked for Enterprise Park Lanes for almost eight years. During his time with the center, he's held positions such as Front Desk Staff, Shift Manager, and Assistant Manager before becoming our Center Manager. He's been a core part of our team for some time. CT has many responsibilities in his current position. He forms and facilitates leagues, oversees staffing and daily operations, helps set up relationships and partnerships with outside companies, and more. His favorite part of his job, however, is creating relationships with current and new bowlers. He really enjoys helping people improve their game. Outside of work, CT enjoys spending time with his family, watching the popular television show, Game of Thrones, playing golf, and of course, bowling. 

Marketing Director | Emily McCall | Contact

Emily has worked for Enterprise Park Lanes as Marketing Director since December of 2015. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Advertising and Public Relations from Evangel University. Her favorite part about her job is interacting with people. Emily is a people person through and through, and she loves to talk and have fun. She is our representative in the local professional networking group, the Masterminds of Biz, otherwise known as the MOB. Emily attends weekly meetings, guests at other chapters, and participates in many activities and events through the MOB. Outside of work, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids, and dog. She loves to network, read, watch Netflix, and is a perpetual learner. 

Food and Beverage Manager | Ronda Yung | Contact

Ronda started working for the Wiemers back in 1998 as a server/bartender. In 2008, when the center added a full grill, she moved on up to her current management position. One of Ronda's favorite things about her position is being able to watch young kids bowl in league, applauding their accomplishments throughout their bowling journey. Ronda loves college football, and takes much pride in her Cornhuskers. She also enjoys planting flowers and playing Bingo. She's a mother, grandmother, and definitely an integral part of our team here at Enterprise Park Lanes. 

Back Alley Bar Manager | Lea Ann Quessenberry | Contact

Lea Ann has been with the Enterprise Park Lanes for a fantastic ten years, and we are very thankful for her contribution to our team. Her favorite part about her job is meeting new people. She's a pro at keeping up with and engaging our current bowlers, too. She's a conversationalist and loves getting to know others. Lea Ann is a proud wife, mother of five, and grandmother of seven. She enjoys fishing and spending time with her grandchildren.